Screen Capture Software

I recommend using Lightshot for basic screenshotting and I recommended using ShareX for more advanced screenshotting and because it also allows you to screen record very easily.

For screen recording or streaming I recommend using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).

Web Browser Software

I recommend using Google Chrome if you need the sync features and the extensions, also if you don't need to worry about RAM usage. If you are worried about your RAM usage and don't need what Google Chrome offers I would recommend Firefox, Firefox generally has better security features. I suggest you to use uBlock Origin and Ghostery as they are extensions that block advertisements and trackers that may be tracking you.

Malware Removal Software

I recommend first of all using Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool to repair infected files, make sure you select your entire disk to be scanned. Next, you should run the Emsisoft Emergency Kit to catch anything that Kaspersky does not. Run Malwarebytes at last just to make sure you got everything. Always make sure you have Windows defender on to protect your computer.